50 Things To Do in Roseburg

The Umpqua Valley

Minus the nearly five years that I lived in Portland, Oregon, I have lived in Roseburg for the majority of my lifetime. I was raised here and I had three children here. That said, when someone says something like “There is nothing to do in the town” or “I can’t wait to get outta here”, it hits me in the heart. It makes me wonder about that person and it makes me a tad bit judgmental.

My parents taught me to be resourceful and inquisitive. Maybe it was a generation thing, I don’t know, but I do know that parents were parents. Not friends. That came later in life once we figured ourselves out and gave them a reason to actually “like” us (not love us, obviously they loved us with their entire beings…but hopefully you understand my point here). They didn’t build their entire day around our toys and making sure that our schedules were filled with trips to the bouncy land or play dates with other kids. No, they gave us siblings. The built in friends. I can honestly say that my sister and my brothers were the love of my life and I still love them with my whole heart. I actually loved sharing my childhood with them.

Anyway, I digress! We didn’t use words like “I’m bored”. We were never bored!!! When someone tells me that they are bored I wonder about the limits they have placed on their potential. It actually worries me. Which leads me to this blog point: 50 things to do in Roseburg (whether your bored, out of ideas, recently moved here or whatever). Mind you, this list was comprised in under seven minutes while I ate my english muffin and drank my redbull this morning.

I have already come up with eight more to add, but I will be using those for future blog entries. Until then, feel free to comment with your own ideas and follow our blog for updates on new posts!

1. Float the river

The half float starts at Amacher park and ends at hesness landing and takes about 1.5 hours. The full float can take 3.5-4 hours if you push it.

2. Go for a hike

Head east my friends! There are numerous hiking trails on the way to Diamond Lake: North Umpqua Trail, Susan Creek, Fall Creek Falls. Just go.

3. Visit downtown restaurants

There is Alexander’s Greek Cuisine, Brix, O’Tooles, Mariachi Loco. These are some of my favorites. If you head west on Harvard, you can go to one of my all time favorite Roseburg restaurants: Bangkok West. Order Khi Maho off the menu! They are wonderful. Closed for two weeks every year during the holidays (Christmas/New Year). This breaks my heart a bit. 🙂

4. Open A business

What are you doing in three years? Nothing? Working for the man? Start saving now! With the help of Think Local Umpqua, you can start saving today and with their generous contributions, they will match your $25 monthly savings up to 3 times! In three years, it wouldn’t hurt to have another option and wouldn’t you love to fire your boss!?

5. Host a party

Invite your friends over and have a party! Everyone loves a good party. In fact, throw a theme in there. 80′s, Gangster, Toga, Superhero, the ideas are endless. Need help planning or catering? Call Meal Maids at 541-283-6325.

6. Plan a karaoke night

Seven Feathers has karaoke night during the week on Mondays or Tuesdays (or both) and there is a dive bar downtown that has karaoke on Friday nights. Make it easier by having your choice songs selected in advance. They usually have everything and you don’t have to use a giant binder to choose your music.  Make it a group event and take over the bar.

 7. Plan a photo scavenger hunt

15 plus people, divide everyone up, give each team their own unique swag and go take photos. Fun times and you can customize it to any event

8. Check out the view atop a hill

Drive to the top of Terrace Street or Rocky Ridge. It only takes a few minutes to get there…but it’s breathtaking at night.

9. Go to the hotsprings

No, it’s not IN Roseburg, however, it’s  not a long drive to get there (1.25 hours or so). It is worth it to experience this natural hot springs!!! Go. Go at night. Even better.

10. Build a bonfire

Don’t burn anything down. Be safe. Build a bonfire the right way. Invite someone who can play the guitar and maybe even sing! It’s super fun and therapeutic.

11. Teach a class

Call the YMCA or a gym or even rent a spot to teach a class. I taught hula hooping. What can you do? Pottery, sewing, foreign language? Whatever! Just do it! Spreading knowledge can be fun!

12. Go to the mall and see what’s new

Our mall is tiny, but it seems like it is making an attempt to develop. I find it fun to go check it out every now and then and see what’s new.

13. Go resale shopping

Options seem to go on forever here. Goodwill, Salvation Army, southgate area, downtown, diamond lake boulevard, north Stephens. Make a day of it and see what treasures await you.

14. Drive around and dream

Look at new neighborhoods, see what people are doing to their yards, look for inspiration. This is something we did as a family for most of my childhood and I still love to do this.

15. Visit your family

Chances are you have family here. If you don’t, go visit friends. If you don’t have friends…go make some. Which leads me to the next idea.

16. Talk to someone you have never met before

This is something I love about this town. People are nice! Never be afraid to strike up a conversation with that little old lady in line at the grocery store. Even if it’s initially about the weather…I can assure you, you will likely leave that line smiling.  I do this pretty much wherever I go.

17. Stop and thank a veteran 

With the Department of Vetertan’s Affairs located centrally in town, you will notice many proud veterans donning their hats, coats, uniforms, or bumper stickers. Stop and thank them. They are wonderful people and they deserve your sincere gratitude. My dad, my hero is one of them.

18. Honk your horn and wave at pedestrians

Ok, this one is pretty random…but truth be told, I love to do this. I can’t help myself and my daughters always laugh at me and call me weird. I don’t even care. I wave at people watering their lawns, walking their dogs, walking with strollers.

19. Give to the poor

Whatever way you choose to give, do it with a pure heart. Don’t be judgy and almighty. Do it to help. There are starving children in homes that you wouldn’t even guess were hungry. Find your place in generosity and compassion.

20. Visit the Boys & Girls Club

This place has gone from an old crusty batting cage “fun” center to an safe, clean, and artistic updated site for school age children to attend after school. Thanks to the people in this community, we have one the VERY BEST centers across the nation! That’s something to be proud of, dang it!!!

21. Take your kids to Jungle Jump

It’s close to the Boys & Girls Club. Have some fun. Better yet, bring a book and relax and let the kids exert their endless energy supply. I recommend Ben Settle’s new book on Kindle, Zombie Cop. He is a local author and business marketing expert that I highly respect and admire. He is also a wonderful writer if you have a sense of humor. http://www.amazon.com/Zombie-Cop-Enoch-Wars-Book-ebook/dp/B00J0KY6BK/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1395348835&sr=1-2&keywords=zombie+cop

22. Go to Abby’s Legendary Pizza

When I worked here, light years ago, people who moved from Roseburg and returned to visit would make sure that they always made time to stop at this local pizza joint. Try the Abby’s Special. Not to be confused for the Special of the Month discount pizza.

23. Watch a city league sports game

Basketball or softball are two of my favorites. You can even join a team if you ask around.

24. Play dodgeball 

The YMCA hosts pick up dodgeball (no teams necessary, just drop in) in the fall, winter, and spring! Get your day pass OR season pass and go throw balls at people. Bring friends or roommates. Roommates are good if you are upset with them for leaving dirty dishes in the sink to “soak”. Get that aggression out! 😉

25. Go to Seven Feathers Casino

There is more to do than throw money at a slot machine or test your luck at black jack. They have the very best massage facility in this state (in my opinion), they have a hotel with two hot tubs, a pool, a sauna, steam rooms, they have events such as Greatest of the Grape! Check it out. It’s a great place to ignite your weekend with fun!

26. Clean up your yard

Mow, edge, blow away leaves and debris. While you’re at it, get rid of stuff/clutter. Ahhh, doesn’t that seem like it would feel good? It does!

27. Sort and recycle

There is the landfill or the facility out on west harvard where you can freely dispose of your recyclables. Don’t make excuses. Home Depot sells the blue bins for under $10 and I usually have more recycling than I have garbage. Don’t want to take it in? Get curbside service and do your part!

28. Learn to cook

Instead of finding a cook book filled with recipes, find one that teaches techniques and skill. I recommend How to Cook Everything or Cook’s Illustrated Guide to Cooking. Actually read a little bit daily and then find a recipe that you think you could handle. Anyone can enjoy cooking.

29. Buy or sell something on Roseville or Momslist

These are groups that you can join on Facebook that are local. You can buy or sell here. Beware, items go fast so make sure you post “INT” immediately if you see something you like and can’t live without.

30. Visit a church

There are so many affiliations and churches here in this area. Open your soul to fellowship with others.

31. Go wine tasting

I can’t pretend to know much about viticulture and wine making, but I can tell you that this region has grown rapidly and is quickly becoming a tourist stop for wine connoisseurs all over the country! Make a day or even a weekend of it! There is Abacela, Tesoaria, Melrose Vineyards, Delfino Vineyards, Becker, Hillcrest, Girardet, Henry Estate, Reustle, and more that I haven’t even been to yet myself! I plan too, though. Barrel tours are coming up in April/May and I will be going!

32. Do the annual Penguin Plunge

It’s for a good cause. Proceeds for jumping in the ice cold river during late February go to CARES (Child Abuse Resistance Education Services).

33. Learn to dance

Roseburg hosts a local Dancing with the Stars competition every year. This next year, dancers will be learning the Tango. Yes, I will be participating for the first time ever. Proceeds go to Battered Person’s Advocacy.

34. Help someone move

People hate moving. If you see a post on facebook that someone needs help, sign up! Usually you will be awarded with an abundance of pizza and beer and then, when you move, you have a guaranteed friend to help YOU.

35. Host game night

Board games are awesome. Invite friends or couple over and ask them to bring their favorite game as well. May want to put it to a vote to make everyone happy. Better yet, round up eleven others that would like to host one game night of Bunco during the year. Usually hosts will start the evening off with a light fare of simple appetizers or a soup and bread dish. Participant’s buy in at a decided upon amount and may also bring something to drink and share with the rest of the group. You can find the rules and such online. This makes for about three hours of endless laughs and fun times along with money prizes to the top players.

36. Plan a progressive dinner party

Start with a soup and/or salad at one person’s house, head to someone else’s house for the main dish, and then end the night with dessert and a movie at the final destination point.

37. Take a class at UCC

College isn’t just for credit classes. Sign up to learn to cook, learn to use the internet, learn to use coupons. The list is crazy long!

38. Adopt a Pet

The SPCA has pets that need homes. They all come ready to love and adore. Go meet your companion today!

39. Volunteer

The hospitals need you, the schools need you, the community needs you!!! Stop wasting your time and stop wasting your gifts/talents! There’s something that everyone can do to help…even if it’s simply smiling and welcoming someone in.

40. Visit a retirement home

This seems to be a lovely place for people to retire as well. Go see the people that don’t get out as much as they used to. Bring a book, bring photos, bring your kids, bring an instrument. They would love to see you!!!

41. Plant a garden

You can find easy raised garden bed instructions on pinterest. Don’t have space? get some round pots and put them on your porch or balcony/veranda! Grow tomatoes or basil. There is something truly satisfying about preparing the food you grow yourself.

42. Visit a U-Pick Farm

Stop buying overpriced under flavored produce from these big chain stores! Go pick your peaches or your green beans yourself at a local u pick farm. You’ll taste the difference and save a lot of money.

43. Visit the library

It’s not just for checking out books anymore, either. You can borrow dvd’s, vhs movies, audio books, use the computer, print documents, or find a quiet corner to do homework and use the free wifi.

44. Go to the Bagel Tree Cafe

This is one of the greatest places to have a fresh bagel. Made daily. They also have soups, sandwiches, espresso, and more.

45. Go to a play

UACT is a stage where local actors perform throughout the year after spending months memorizing lines and creating dramatic costumes to reenact classic titles.

46. Pick up garbage

Do your part to keep our town clean. If you see something on the ground, pick it up. If you drop something, pick it up. Garbage receptacles are placed nearly everywhere. We like it to look good in our town. Do your part, too!

47. Give someone a ride

Share your ride with someone at work or school. Reduce your carbon footprint by setting up a carpool!

48. Find a job

There are some great places to work around here that have great benefits. Orenco Systems, Mercy Medical Center, VA Hospital, FCC, Costco, UPS. What’s stopping you? Don’t like what you’re doing now? Ask your happy friends where they work and if they have openings. Never be afraid to ask for a reference either.

49. Play or picnic at the park

River Forks Park and Stewart Park are two of the largest in town and are great places to go play, picnic, play frisbee, read a book, play in the water, hula hoop, meet with friends, let the kids run, walk the dog.

and FINALLY!!!!

50. Learn to fish or hunt

This area is highly conducive to outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, biking, hiking. Try it out. Take a friend. Take a compass and snacks, too. Don’t do something stupid.

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1 Response to 50 Things To Do in Roseburg

  1. Michael Ardito sr says:

    I read the whole post and am enlightened that there are that many things that are open for opportunity here and around Douglas County. I have been hugging the city limits of Roseburg, Winston, and Sutherlin all winter. Now that warmer weather is here I have plans to prepare for. Next week, during Spring break I am planing a trip to the coast with some family for a few days of beach combing for rocks and shells. Also will check for radiation levels around the area from Fukashima fallout. Will get back to you on the findings following our return trip home to Camolot.

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