Fantasy Land Time

Having started and run my own successful and lucrative cleaning company, I can draw a very close comparison to business and dating relationships. 

Most women build men up in their heads within the first couple of dates.

We take that man on an all expense, thirty second trip to what I like to call Fantasy Land (the imaginary place where all of our dreams come true. The men are all perfect here. They let us dress them, they kiss us and tell us how wonderful we are. They never look at other women unless it’s to fully understand how lucky they are to be with us. 30 seconds in reality is five years in Fantasy Land time, so obviously we are married and have two children and a wonderful little home filled with only laughter and friendship.

Unfortunately, I noticed a common theme when I would go deliver a bid to a new potential client during the start up phase of my business.

First, I would give a bid to everyone. I would schedule time for them take me on a tour of their home. All the while, I would charm them with my questions as well as my knowledge about the business, hoping that someday (perhaps tomorrow?), they would add me to their checking account (billpay service, of course) and we would get started on our long term relationship. I didn’t take the time to really consider how this customer “fit in with my life”. I didn’t consider that they wanted to “see other people”. I didn’t consider that they were “broke jokes”. Nope. I just went on that fantasy trip to neverland. 

Sadly, I would even follow up with email, phone calls, bids and the customer would not call back! It’s like they knew I was desperate for the commitment and I was only scaring them AWAY!!!

This was a huge problem. I had to learn from my mistakes of dating past. 


The entire purpose of this blog is to educate you on how to operate your cleaning business realistically and professionally. We will show you how to:

1. Attract the RIGHT clients

2. Avoid common pitfalls or experiences before they surface

3. Be profitable

You are about to embark on an exciting and extremely lucrative business adventure. Whether you have already started that business and need guidance or you are just dabbling in the beginning process of starting your cleaning business, you will love our daily email feed! Subscribe by clicking here:

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